Lucifer’s here!

Look at this sweet fabric I got.

What am I going to do with it?

Fuck knows but it’s great

Progress on the blue rose costume

Got a lot of the stuff for Manchester Expo today, for Koujaku and Blue Rose. Here goes nothing

When my tablet is working again I’m going to try to finish that Goldenrod/Byzantium thing finally.

I’ve been listening to Fun and it only makes me think of otps and I want to cry

this isn’t supposed to happen I’m supposed to be an adult

summer has begun it’s time to start ALL THE COSPLAYS.

Planned for this holiday:

Koujaku (DMMD)

Blue Rose (taibani)

Meninas Macaron (Bleach)

Isam (Devoto)

Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle) - if there’s time

and for my dolls,

Jareth and Sarah (Labyrinth)

Tights half done for the larp. I can wear August’s full coat of arms now lol.

August’s raven holding Thomas’ rose was meant to be a sly reference on the nails but looks like it’s here to stay.

Not my favourite version of this design but since I’d lost the old set and I updated the berahthraben coat of arms it was time to update. The battle lolita’s nails are the most practical who’d ‘a thunkit.

suddenly all the Larps coming up are ones where my character has false nails ;w; I didn’t realise I had so many

I bought a whole bunch of false nail supplies and they got here today. This is the set I made - for the lolita gang member character and her cybernetic implant claws ☆

This set is for the plant person fate witch (a blue rose) Perhaps i went a little overboard with the gems though

Pollution gets increasingly grubby as the project goes on (WIP)


most recent project is a book character of our choice. Finally decided on Pollution from Good Omens.

himitsudollz said: The best king!

He just had an excellent wife to set him straight